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Keeping it Simple: Why Minimalism is the New Feng Shui

Having our own space to come back to after a long, hard day is an incredible feeling. Although as human being’s, it’s only natural that we sometimes create mess and clutter in our lives. But what we don’t realise is that clutter can affect our mood, focus and clarity, whether we realise or not!

That’s where Minimalism comes in.

Whilst the art of Feng Shui is still practiced in the interior design and decor game (and can go hand and hand with Minimalism for that matter!), many are embracing Minimalistic lifestyles to help bring clarity back into their lives.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a movement that focuses on living more simple, less cluttered life in order to focus on the things that really matter. From the number of items in your house, to clothes, possessions, ideas, schedules, careers, social lives – the minimalist way suggests that we must remove everything that distracts us from achieving our goals. Sound achievable?

Whilst many practice the art of Minimalism in different ways such organising your schedule or cleaning out that second wardrobe – all minimalism embraces the idea of “less is more” which we can apply to our home environment.

Read on to find out some tips to help you start your minimalist makeover.

Why is Minimalism the New Feng Shui?

Minimalism is a great practice to help declutter and destress their surroundings compared to Feng Shui which focuses on the positioning of furniture to harness positive energy.

In other words, it forces people to get rid of the things that they don’t need and makes any living area more spacious and comfortable to be in.

This fits in perfectly with the current direction of interior design, with bold, clean designs being favoured over more busy aesthetics. Explore Hoot Homes’ home designs and house and land packages to see a range of modern design options in practice.

How to Start Your Minimalist Makeover

If you’re looking to incorporate some minimalist ideas into your home, here are a few tips to get you started:

Take it Room by Room – The idea of changing an entire house all at once is daunting and overwhelming. So, when making the switch to minimalism, try to stay focused on one space at a time. By doing this, you can use each room as inspiration for the next!

Start With Furniture – As with any change in decor, your larger items are going to have a sizeable impact on how the space feels. So, look through each room and ask yourself what pieces of furniture can be removed or replaced without compromising comfort.

Cut Down on Clutter – In essence, minimalist decor is about breaking a room down to its necessities. So, if you’re looking at a room filled with knick knacks and unnecessary objects, it’s time to start making judgement calls.

Ask yourself, do I really need this? What purpose does it serve me. Do I have a place to store this in my home? If you don’t have an answer to ANY of the above questions then that is probably a sign you should get rid of that item, right now!

Keep it Simple – When it comes to styling your space, keeping your colour and shape choices simple is going to have the best effect. Calm, soft hues and geometric designs create an air of comfort and cohesion when placed in a minimalist environment. Do you really need that extra candle or decorative bowl? Stick to a few bold pieces and embrace the open space!

Stay Comfortable – At the end of the day, you have to feel happy and comfortable in your new space. So, it’s important to find a balance between a sparse space and one that feels sterile. Don’t shy away from feature pieces and decor that makes you feel comfortable on principle alone. Besides, these little personal touches can be quite striking in a minimalist, simple environment.


Feng shui is still a prominent part of interior decor style in 2018. However, given its simplicity and openness to customisation, it’s no surprise that minimalism is becoming more of a prominent force in the design landscape. With a range of modern, affordably luxurious home designs on offer, explore the Hoot Homes range today, and find your nest.

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