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In order to deliver a hassle-free, quality home, as well as keeping costs to a minimum, we do not customise plans as standard. Making structural changes to your plan will incur further delays to your build and addition costs. Further Council and DA approvals are required for additional modifications to your floor plan which can be lengthy and increase the cost of the home.

However, If you would like to make upgrades to your home fixtures and fittings i.e. tiles, tapware, lighting and more – you can pay a fee of $500 to book an appointment in the Canvas Quarter Selection studio. Canvas Quarter allows you to explore a range of upgrade options available with an experienced Interior Design Consultant.

Your Hoot home New Home Consultant will work with you to select the right home for your block of land. If you are in search of the ideal block of land, your Hoot New Home Consultant can put together a home and land package for you based on your budget and individual requirements.

BASIX stands for ‘Building and Sustainability Index’ – it’s a NSW energy efficiency rating scheme. When a new home is build, each new build within NSW has to meet the minimum requirements of energy efficiency set out by BASIX in order to be built.

Each part of a new home will score against the BASIX criteria which is in place to ensure we are lowering household energy; water use and costs. All Hoot Homes comply with the NSW BASIX requirements.

We are a new division of the Wisdom Group, with over 20 years’ experience in building homes in NSW. Hoot Homes was born to provide a simple home building process to help you achieve a stylish, quality home without the fuss and unwanted costs.

The length of the build can vary depending variables such as your specific block of land and if the land is registered or not, the home design you’ve included and any upgrades you have added to your build. If you have selected a standard Hoot Home Design or Home and Land Package with our Standard range of inclusions, the build will take approximately 6 months from contract sign to completion. We will endeavour to deliver your new home to you within six months however, some factors can affect the build time, including any significant or extreme weather conditions or special holiday seasons throughout your build such as the Christmas Holiday shutdown. An estimate on the length of your specific build will be provided to you and your dedicated Customer Service Representative will be able to keep you updated on the progress of your home throughout the build.

Our simple build process has been developed to allow you to build a quality new home with zero fuss. Our range of standard inclusions have been carefully curated to bring you a stylish, quality new home without having to spend more money on home upgrades. All the essentials are covered and so much more such as flooring, ducted air conditioning, kitchen appliances, Caesarstone benchtops to kitchen and bathrooms to name a few.

However, if your budget permits you to make further enhancements to your home, you can pay a fee of $500 which will enable you to book in a comprehensive appointment at our premium Canvas Quarter Selection Studio. Canvas Quarter is home to a large range of selections, including bricks, tiling, tapware, Kitchen Cabinetry, staircases, lighting, electrical and so much more. Canvas Quarter is open to Wisdom Homes customers as standard and is available to Hoot Homes customers for the additional fee of $500. Please note, for Hoot Homes customers, making further enhancements to your home may delay the build time.

To receive a copy of our inclusions, click on any of our stunning home designs and you’ll be able to download our Inclusions brochure to help you understand what’s included and visualise your new Hoot home.

We have a longstanding relationship with trusted partner, BDC Finance who will be able to help provide you with advice and assist with your financial requirements.

Please be advised that obtaining finance is the responsibility of the customer. 

Hoot Homes will not be held accountable for any financial decisions made by the customer.

Yes. Hoot Homes will take care of the all the council approvals and applications on your behalf, which includes liaising with the local council.

Conveyancing is the action of preparing documents of legal ownership of a property from one person or entity to another.

If you would like to be recommended to a conveyancer, please contact your Hoot Homes New Homes Consultant.

Yes, Hoot Homes offers a range of 8 stylish granny flat designs to suit a variety of blocks. Adding a granny flat to your build will incur additional costs and is available subject to individual block such as the size of the block, council requirements and more.

We build in Sydney, the Illawarra region and parts of the South Coast down to Jervis Bay. This enables us to hire qualified local trades that specialise new builds in these areas.

A provisional sum is an amount of money included in the contract sum to cover work or materials, the extent of which cannot be specifically detailed when entering the contract. A provisional sum may be credited back if it is not required via a post contract variation, after the contract has been signed.

This amount may or may not affect your finance depending on your budget as it will be factored into the final contract amount.

Wisdom Homes will conduct a soil test to check if the block is acceptable for the build foundations. This is also organised by our pre-site team once the deposit is paid, before contract signing.

Landscaping is not included in a standard build on your land, unless otherwise specified on a specific home and land package special. Most land estates and councils have requirements on new home builds and most builds require landscaping in order to be built.

For that added convenience, we have developed three easy landscaping packages available for all Hoot Homes builds, thanks to our sister company, Wisdom Pools and Landscapes. You can enjoy one builder, one contract and one timeframe, the ultimate turnkey solution. This cost can be included in your initial quote, which should assist you get an understanding of your budget should be in order to obtain your finance.

Adding a landscaping package means that we work closely with Wisdom Pools and Landscapes to ensure your build is timed perfectly with your landscaping. So when it comes to handover, you can walk into your wonderful new home, complete with landscaping, driveway, fencing and more.

You are welcome to source your own landscaping contractor for your build.

Head to our Pricing Calculator to see what Landscaping packages are available.

Council Approvals can take on average 6+ weeks to process however, this may vary depending on the specific council.

Site costs are those costs that arise due to a chosen home placed on a block of land that has items such as:

  • Dirt that needs to be taken away, or brought in to have a level building platform
  • Changes to concrete slab due to site classification
  • Building close to sewer mains or easements (drop edge beams, additional piering and additional approvals).

Standard Site costs for all Hoot home builds are included in your initial quote*


*Further loading and fees may apply subject to the individual block of land and the council area of building site. Please speak to your Hoot Homes new home consultant for a quote. 

A home and land or house and land package is a plan put together for a home on a block of land by our qualified team of New Home Consultants. Our team will carefully select the right home design to suit the specific block of land to maximise on space, aspect, and orientation of the block, taking consideration landscaping works that need to be further done.

Home and Land Packages is a plan only which means the home will be built once you sign a contract to purchase your Home and Land package.

The contour survey is an important part of your build as it will allow us to understand levels of your block, to check boundary lines and determine the exact slope of your land. It will help us to accurately determine the site costs and cost to run services to your new home. The Contour Survey is organised by our pre-site team, once the deposit is paid, before contract signing.

For greenfield builds, a fee of $1,500 is required to secure your price and prepare your tender. For knock down rebuilds, the fee is $2000. Upon receipt, we will begin the preparations of your initial house plans and tender document, which includes the itemised costings, upgrades, pool and landscaping provisions of your build.

The validity of mortgage pre-approval letters can vary between different lenders. Pre approvals are generally valid up to 90 days. If your pre-approval has expired, your lender may request an extension assuming your financial situation hasn’t changed during the validity period.

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