Top Home Technology Trends For 2021

Top Home Technology Trends For 2021

Top Home Technology Trends For 2021

Streaming devices, voice-enabled music speakers, smart lights, and high-tech security – these hi-tech home accessories are changing the definition of what we call ‘home’ in 2021.

Hi-Tech Smart Homes

In the past decade, the term ‘smart home’ has been introduced through various home accessories. From remote controlled curtains, in-home office setups, thermostats to automatic air temperature controllers, our homes have been welcoming technology one room at a time.

Smart homes allow users to control various functions through interconnected devices remotely. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have helped create hi-tech homes via wireless connections, mobile applications, and automation.

In-Home Technology For Homeowners

Staying at home became the norm in 2020. This normalisation led to the need for better entertainment, advanced security, and more innovative in-home offices. Around the world, consumers’ time spent at home has set a new trend of making homes more technologically advanced through equipment-shifts and gadget-upgrades.

Modern hi-tech home accessories are designed for the consumer’s optimal experience. Smart home gadgets can predict, adapt, and function based on the consumer or homeowner’s personal preferences, behavioural patterns, and lifestyle.

Artificial Intelligence makes your home personalised to you. High-tech home devices can understand your daily routine to predict and suggest choices based on your likes and aspirations.

How to make your home high-tech?

In Australia, it is expected that over 1.6 million homes will adapt to hi-tech home accessories in 2021.

Hoot Homes bring you a list of smart home trends you can adapt to make your home a little more you in the year ahead.


Home Entertainment

Investing in smart home entertainment can help elevate family time and make staying at home more fun and exciting for all generations.

Many modern consumers consider in-home entertainment solutions on par with stepping out for the same activities. From watching movies to working out, innovations in at-home accessories have helped make it easier to enjoy the same from home.

Hi-tech home entertainment accessories include wireless music systems, smart home hubs such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, WiFi-connected intelligent remotes, virtual gyms, home theatres and screens.

Need more entertainment space in your home? Check out Hoot Homes’ electrical suppliers, Custom Electrical Solutions, to create your very own home entertainment quarter in one of our Granny Flat designs.



Hi-Tech Security

Hi-tech security is an integral investment for all types of home. Single storey, double-storey or a granny flat, no matter what kind of home you live in or are planning to build, advanced home security should be your priority.

Home security is the first line of defence against intruders. Technology and security companies have together infused cutting-edge innovations in how we keep our homes safe.

Modern hi-tech home security accessories include smart locks with fingerprint and facial recognition features, cloud storage for surveillance cameras, touchless doorbells, security robots, and app-controlled indoor drones.

Make your home secure with alarm and intercom packages from Hoot Homes.

Hills, one of our home security suppliers, provides a smart home package including a hi-tech LCD control pad, strobe lights and siren, and PIR detectors for extra security.

The Sentinel Alarms package includes a security alarm, CCTV and intercom. This package is perfect for growing families and busy professionals. It consists of a coloured video intercom system, a vandal resistant door station, and a hands-free monitor in the kitchen area to help you enjoy your cooking time uninterrupted.


Smart Mood Lighting

Mood lighting has come a long way from yellow lamps and fairy lights. In the past few years, smart home lighting has become incredibly technologically advanced and personalised.

Consumers can control smart lights or bulbs from mobile applications, smartwatches and voice commands. They can now set their lighting preferences before they reach home or enter an automatically illuminated home based on GPS location tracking. Add personalised down lighting to your Hoot Homes package for your living and entertainment areas.

Smart home lighting can now be synced to your music, mood and occasion. An intelligent lighting system allows you to control your lighting and switch between a movie night, a family dinner, or a relaxing nap.


Hi-Tech Home Office

Working-from-home (WFH) normalisation has made technology an integral part of our lives beyond our mobile phones and laptops.

These hi-tech accessories include smart sit-stand desks, interactive time-tracking devices, finger-print enabled SSD storage, and stress-reducing smart glasses.

Hoot Homes provides clipsal double power points for each room and single power points for your main appliances. You can always ask our home consultants to add-on electrical points to power up your smart office accessories and workspace.


Hi-Tech Connectivity

If you are planning to make home technology improvements, remember to choose an internet connection based on your multiple smart devices’ bandwidth requirements.

While most voice-enabled or mobile application controlled devices require intermittent wifi connectivity, video-enabled devices tend to strain your WiFi connection.

Basic devices such as smart hubs or smart bulbs don’t use a high amount of WiFi bandwidth. In contrast, devices such as video doorbells, smart refrigerators, and surveillance cameras are likely to impact your connectivity.


The Future is Here

The possibilities for smart home automation is endless. Smart home technology isn’t just fiction but an affordable choice for consumers all around the world. Adapting to artificial intelligence and continuous innovation is the optimal solution to a more sustainable, secure, and personalised home.

The need for comfortable office spaces and home entertainment is rising for family homes across Australia. Hoot Homes home designs feature a range of essential home technology features such as home offices, entertainment spaces and multiple living areas such as home theatres.


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