Building On A Small Or Narrow Lot

Building On A Small Or Narrow Lot

With large and wide block sizes available for sale becoming increasingly hard to come by and therefore increasingly expensive to purchase in today’s property market, the popularity and desire for smaller or narrower blocks as a preference has dramatically increased.

While traditionally narrow blocks have been avoided due to perceived building and space restrictions, buyers are now being encouraged to think smarter, not larger as the key to utilising the space their block provides – with an extensive range of homes being designed specifically to suit these more compact land offerings.

At Hoot Homes we have a range of floorplans that are designed to maximise space and promote low maintenance living on narrower blocks.

The Chelsea is a great example of a home that doesn’t compromise on space, despite being suitable for a block as narrow as 7m.
Your block frontage may be slim but that doesn’t mean the inside of your home has to feel small. By building a double story home and focusing on a large open plan living, kitchen and dining area to the ground floor and moving the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, there is plenty of room for the whole family and feelings of confinement will be a thing of the past.

Similar design to the Chelsea | Image Source: Hoot Homes

The Chelsea also includes a single car garage and has the option of an outdoor entertaining area if indoor-outdoor living and BBQs are a preference in the warmer summer months – further enhancing a feeling of room and multiple useable spaces.

With the floorplan already designed to maximise on internal space, we have some tips and tricks you can implement once you move in that will help create an engaging sense of space throughout your home:

  1. Selecting a pale colour for your walls will enhance a feeling of space and open the area up as light, bright and enjoyable – it is best to avoid darker colours where possible as this may end up causing the area to feel small and oppressive.

    Bronx 26 on display at HomeWorld Box Hill - Hoot Homes
    Bronx 26, on display at HomeWorld Box Hill

  2. Add Mirrors. This may seem like a peculiar tip, but including a mirror into your décor, ideally opposite a window or glass sliding door, immediately introduces a feeling of enlargement and promotes the illusion of space.

  3. Window furnishings that blend in. White walls with white plantation shutters or pale grey walls with pale grey hanging drapes – by matching the colour of your walls to the window furnishing you will create a space that feels much larger than it is and present a beautiful, streamlined effect that keeps a room feeling open and engaging.
    Bronx 26, on display at HomeWorld Box Hill
  4. Multi-purpose furniture. When you are looking to optimise space, a general rule to employ is Less is More. And this is never more relevant than with your furniture choices. Purchasing furniture that doubles in purpose will save you space and money. A large ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or a cushioned storage bench that is both seat and storage – thinking outside the square can work wonders.

  5. Sneaky storage solutions. There are a huge selection of beautiful furniture and design options available that let you keep things close at hand but out of the way and out of sight. Less clutter, more space.

  6. Consider size and fit. Bigger isn’t always better, this we know to be true – especially when furnishing your home. Just because a piece of furniture can fit, doesn’t mean it should. Consider the room and how it is going to be used in your daily life.
    St Tropez 30, on display at HomeWorld Box Hill

As always, our friendly team at Hoot Homes are here to help.

Visit a Hoot Display Home in Sydney’s North West and South West today and speak to our team members about which of our homes might suit your narrow block.

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